General Information

Our working duration varies from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the work to be done, the wheel model and of course, the season. In winter time there is usually a longer wait than in the summertime due to the high volume of wheels received in the winter time. The maximum delay will always be mentioned in the quote. If you need a job to be rushed, please notify us immediately.
All work by J-F Laubscher & Fils SA is guaranteed for 2 years starting from the delivery date unless otherwise mentioned on your estimate. Excluded from the guarantee are owner caused damaged rims or rims having been washed with acid or particularly aggressive products.
We accept cash & bank cards ie: Postcard and Maestro.

At this time we do NOT accept credit cards ie: Visa, Master card or American express.

General Questions

We have been in the business of wheel repair for 50 years, our expertise in straightening operations, widening/narrowing, etching and sandblasting, thermo-lacquered paintings (3 layers), CNC and polishing allows us to obtain the same quality or better than the original. We are constantly testing new working technologies and treatment methods to improve our production framework and provide all our customers with top-notch service. All quotes will always be provided free of charge, so feel free to bring your wheels into us and let us show you why we are the best in Switzerland.
Sorry, but we cannot accept any wheel with the tire still on it. Please have the tire removed before bringing it in for repair. Please also remove all center caps, center spacer rings (if made of plastic) and valves. For motorcycle wheels please remove bearings if possible.
Generally yes from 13” to 22” as long as it meets the safety requirements for repair.
Usually yes depending on your wheel and whether it’s an original or a reproduction. Original reproductions or aftermarket wheels could be cheaper, for this reason, we always give free quotes to allow you to compare.
This will depend on damages, the rim size and the different treatments needed to restore your wheel as new. Base prices are listed in each section under the Services section, for a more accurate price, please bring your wheel in and receive a same-day quote.
Yes, in general once finished there will be little to no difference between a brand new wheel and our repaired wheel.
Yes, utilizing our Flash technology we can repair scratches, scrapes and peeling paint at a lower cost than a repaired wheel.
Yes, it is possible to just change the color on your wheels. We use a three-layer powder coating or thermal painting or a combination of both depending on the colors and customization of your wheels. We have many options for colors including metallic, plain colors reflector, shiny or matte finishes.
Although it’s harder to get a precise estimate due to the fact that we can not see the wheel, we can provide some general pricing over the phone. If it’s possible to send photos of the damage we can try to give you a better estimate. It is also possible to use our online quote function to get an idea of pricing. Overall the best way to receive a precise quote is to either bring your wheel into our shop, ship it to us directly or schedule a DPD pick-up. Quotes will always be free of charge.
Quotes given by email or by phone are estimates, once the wheel is in our possession our trained professionals may find damage that we couldn’t see through photos and may require a different treatment than we initially thought. For this reason, quotes given by email or by phone are to be used to estimate a price but it cannot be guaranteed until we have inspected it. For the quickest and surest price on a quote we recommend you bring your wheel to us, ship it to us directly or schedule a DPD pick-up.
Due to a variety of conditions, shipping charges are added to the final invoice. This fact is mentioned directly on the quote, if you would like an idea of shipping costs please see our shipping page for more information and tips on reducing your charges. If a carton needs to be replaced by a new one we will notify you on the quote.
Due to problems in the past with customers not paying their VAT fees we have decided to stop shipping outside of Switzerland.
No, sorry the time required to achieve a perfect repair varies from wheel to wheel and for this reason we can not provide same day service.
No, it’s not possible as the infrastructure to repair rims properly is too important and costly to replicate in other branches.
Wheels can be shipped to us via DPD, Post or a private transporter. Please review our shipping page for more information.
DPD has a request cut off time of 11:00 for next day pick up. If your request was made after the cut off time, DPD will pick it up two days later. If you made the request using our online form and it was after 10:45 it’s possible your request wasn’t seen in time for the cut off and your package will be picked up two days later. To avoid this please give us a call if it is after 10:45 so we can get it in right away. In the event that all conditions were met, it is possible that DPD ran into complications and in this case, it is beyond our control. In any case please give us a call at +41 26 658 11 01 so we can help remedy the problem.
We strongly suggest that you avoid straightening your wheels yourself. This is for your own and your passengers' safety. It is always best to take them to a professional that has the proper tools and experience to repair a bent wheel.
Original wheels come powder coated in 3 layers. This is achieved through a specialized finishing process. After a wheel has been washed, stripped, sanded and inspected for cracks and deep scratches that may not have been visible on the surface, a 3 stage powder coating/painting takes place to create a uniform, smooth and resilient finish. Creating a tough skin for your wheels that will resist the wear and tear of the road. For this reason we suggest if you wish to achieve your OEM finish, you should bring the wheels into a professional shop that has all the tools necessary to perform the job. I f you still wish to paint the wheels yourself then we recommend a thorough and accurate sanding making sure they are evenly smooth. Next spray a thin layer of primer, follow curing instructions according to the manufactures recommendation. If color is desired apply once primer is fully cured. Lastly add a layer clear coat. We advise you to work with a 2 component clear varnish. Be sure to put thin coats of paint as too thick of a coat will not give a smooth, uniform finish. Avoid using automotive paints as they are not made for wheel applications and will not hold up to the daily wear and tear of driving.
Original wheels are machined using a CNC lathe, therefore no solution will give you the same result as the original but start by giving them a thorough and accurate sanding making sure they are evenly smooth, next follow it up with a layer of clear coat, making sure to apply it evenly. We advise you to work with a 2 component clear varnish. This should give you at least a satisfactory look but keep in mind it will not be like an original polishing