If you are looking to give your vehicle a new look or give it a personalized touch that shows off your style, the options you find at J-F Laubscher & Fils SA are almost endless. We offer a huge choice of thermo-lacquered colors, with different kinds of polishes. You can give free rein to your imagination, playing with tints, polishes and different versions of lacquers from gloss to matte. We can color match the shade of your car or carry it through with accents on your wheels. Some of the options available are listed below, for a complete list or a quote please contact us directly by phone or come on in with your customization ideas and lets us help you turn them into reality.  Here are some options available.

Large variety of color options available
Glossy colors
Flat/Matt colors
Special laques
Hypersilver or Dark Hypersilver (Reflector)
Vehicle color matching
Painted pockets with machine finish (Diamante finish)
Two toned color options

Sorry florescent colors are not available.

For more possibilities or for a quote, give us a call or bring your wheels in and let us help you turn your customization desires into realities.