Please send your wheels (without tires!) to the following address:

J-F Laubscher & Fils SA
Rte de Payerne 20
CH – 1532 Fétigny

Please include either a filled out copy of our wheel deposit form DOWNLOAD FORM or a note with any changes you'd like to make to your wheels (if any apply). Include your last name, first name, full address, telephone number, and an e-mail address or a fax number (in order to send you a quote). If you do not have e-mail or fax, we will send you the quote by priority mail.

Please remove all center rings, valves and caps whenever possible. Unless the caps must be painted along with the wheel(s).


All wheels will be sent through DPD, with payment collected on demand (CR) unless a prior arrangement has been established. There is a one time (per shipment) CR surcharge of 15- CHF and it is added to the final invoice regardless of the number of packages sent at the same time.

Please note, returns can only be made to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Due to problems of unpaid VAT by some foreign customers, the return service to other European countries is no longer available.


A  damaged box or a box not suitable to the dimensions of the wheel for proper shipping will be automatically replaced. This is done in order to ensure you benefit from a guarantee of transport on the part of DPD should any shipping damages occur.

In order to avoid extra packaging costs, here are some tips on how to package your wheels.

Once the wheel is inside the box, there should be between 1 to 3 cm between the edges and the cardboard, and between 4 to 7 cm between the top and bottom of the cardboard and the rim. These dimensions will allow you to "wedge" the rim with a margin of safety. If your wheel is larger than the box and allows no room for extra packing material to protect the edges, it will be replaced.



DPD ShippingCHF 12- per packaging
CR/COD (Collect on Delivery)CHF 15- per shipment
DPD Pick UpCHF 18- per packaging
Small boxCHF 18- per carton
Large boxCHF 23.80- per carton
Motocycle wheel boxesCHF 11 or CHF 15 per carton