We can organize the pick-up of your parcels for you through DPD. With this service, you get priority service at a low price, without ever having to go to the post office.

Simply give us a call +41 26/658 11 01 or send us an email and we will put in your request.

Please note:

The cost of service is 18.- CHF per package.
Wheels must be properly packed and ready for shipment.
Requests for next day pick-up, must be made before 11:00am. If a request is made after 11:00 am, we can not guarantee that the pick-up will be done the next day.
Same day pick-ups are not possible.

The conditions regarding weight and dimensions are as follows:

Maximum weight per package30 kg
Maximum length of package1.90 m
Maximum Perimeter + Length3.20 m