Can you repair any kind of rim?
Yes. From 13” to 22”as far we meet safety requirement.

Is it cheaper than the original?
Usually yes. Original reproductions or aftermarket small diameters could be cheaper, thus we always give you a free of charge quote, to allow you to compare.

How much would you charge?
This depends of the damages, the rim size, and the different treatments to restore your wheel as new.

Are you going to restore my rim like an original one?
Yes, when repaired there will be no difference at all, except for the difference you would find when comparing a new rim with an old one.

And what about a just scratched wheel? 
We will use our Flash technology. This will perfectly suit to this kind of damage.

Is that possible to change color?
Yes of course. We will use a three layer powder coating plain or metallic tint, as well as brilliant or flat. (see Repair your wheels) 

If I bring the rim, can I wait till it’s fixed?
No. The time required could vary from 2 days to 4 weeks, depending the year period and the works desired.

Do you have dealers?
No, it’s impossible. The infrastructure required to achieve a perfect repair is too huge.

How can I give my wheel?
You can bring it to us, ship it by post, or ship it with a private carrier. In anyways the tyre has to be removed.