Repair your wheels yourself

We strongly recommend to avoid straightening your wheels yourself, this to preserve your own and passengers safety. Give them to be fixed to well known specialized company.

Originally the rims are powder coated in 3 layers.

The alternative is, after a nice and smooth sanding, spray a thin layer of primer, then the desired color, and at last a clear coat. We advise you to work with 2-component clear varnish.
Please note, over thicknesses of paint, filler putty, and the quality of automotive paints, are not really suited for wheels applications (grit impacts, heating, and brake dust)

Originally they are machined with a CNC lathe.
No solution gives you the same result as the original, but a regular and accurate sanding trough the alloy, followed by a clear coating, might satisfy you.

With us:
We have developed for years and are experts in the straightening operations, etching and sandblasting, thermo-lacquered paintings (3 layers), CNC and polishing to obtain the same quality or better than the original.