About Us


The story began in a small workshop close to Geneva, more exactly in Vernier, where Jean-François Laubscher senior founded, what we can call today the Swiss largest company of wheels repairs and transformations, and probably of Europe.
Its first work has been to widen its own car steel rims. His friends found the new-looking rims very interesting, and ask him to make the same job for theirs own cars. Then, by word of mouth more people came along to widen their wheels.
But of course, the rims not being new, needed firstly to be straightened.
The "rim repair" was born.

In the early seventies started the "VW Buggy" fashion. On the market the request of special rims for these vehicles was very large. The company then got specialized in transforming originals 15" rims into 13".
From this time we adopted as official company symbol, a widened "VW" rim.


The company had to solve two problems.
The great reputation earned for outstanding quality in such specific field as the rims repair and transformation, brought customers from all over Switzerland. Geneva being at the country far west, it became obvious that for geographical and economical reasons, it was necessary to move, to get centralized.
In addition, for the same reason mentioned above, the workshop became far too small. A much larger working surface was necessary.
Châtonnaye became our new location.
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Foundation of "Jean-François Laubscher & Fils SA."

Jean-François Laubscher senior gradually assigned the company management to Jean-François Laubscher junior.



Due to the same working surface problem encountered in 1982, we had to outgrow our location again. We've been lucky to find a larger building in the same village.
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35 years of wheels straightening and widening are giving us an unique and important knowledge and expertise.
But in order to be able to permanently answer to all requirements coming from a market in constant evolution, Mr. Jean-François Laubscher junior works exclusively to the company evolution.
This means research of new working technologies and new treatements methodes, while constantly improving the products currently used in the production framework.
But new working methods research, in this under-developed mechanical field, obliged us to create our owns tools. Thus we had to draw, create and program our own tool-machines.


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