Services / Repairs

We will always make an effort, to restore you your rim repaired with the same completions, and the same aspect as of origin.
If that would unfortunately not be possible, a comment mentioning the eventual changes will be mentioned on the estimate.

Here a short outline of the treatements, and various operations, that we are offering:

Standard works:
- Steel wheels repair for cars
- Aluminium wheels repair for cars and motorbikes
- Magnesium wheels repair for cars and motorbikes
- Scouring
- Fine sandblasting
- Base coat (powdercoating)
- Standard painting (liquids)
- Standard painting (powdercoating)
- Special paintings "Reflectors" (or Hyper Silver) clear or dark
- Clear coating (powdercoating)
- Machine polishing
- Shiny polishing
Special works:
- Plastic chroming, clear and smoke
Widening / narrowing:
- Steel wheels widening and narrowing for cars
(only for rims having a Ø of 13", 14", 15")
- Aluminium wheels widening and narrowing for cars
- Aluminium wheels widening and narrowing for motorbikes
- Yamaha V-MAX modifications (3.5"x17", 5.5"x17", 5.0"x18")

Modifications will be done according your request (if the rims construction allow it).


Because of the treatements diversity, and various possibilities of completions, it's not possible for us to communicate a price by telephone.

Thus, we can only ask you to bring us your wheel, or to forward it to us by post or by shipping company.

As soon as we receive your goods, we'll immediately send you a detailed estimate of works.

And is only after receiving your approuval that we'll begin the works.

The estimates are free of charges.


All our works are guaranteed 1 year starting from the delivery date, otherwise mentioned on the estimate. Are excluded from the guarantee damaged rims, or rims having been washed with acid or particularly aggressive products.